West Suburban Water Commission Pays $3.3 Mil. Bond, Years in Advance

As part of its commitment to fiscal responsibility, the West Suburban Water Commission is happy to announce it has completely paid off a $3.3 million bond, well in advance of its maturity date. The bond was taken out before the current commissioners Alan Nowaczyk, Krzysztof Wasowicz and Michael Porfirio assumed their roles, and paying it off has been one of their biggest priorities since day one.

Thanks to fiscal responsibility, all while keeping costs in line for customers, the commissioners have succeeded in reaching this goal and now will be able to look forward to new opportunities for the communities they serve.

“Paying off this bond is a huge success for the Water Commission,” says Alan Nowaczyk, Chairman of the West Suburban Water Commission. “Now, we can put even more resources toward customer service, new infrastructure and more. We are dedicated to the Justice, Willow Springs and Hickory Hills communities, and we believe that responsibility begins with solid financial footing,” he added.

For more than 50 years, the West Suburban Water Commission has delivered safe and clean water to the families and businesses in Justice, Willow Springs and Hickory Hills. In addition, the Water Commission handles all day to day water needs of customers as well as emergency support and repair. The Water Commission, located at 7000 S. Archer Road, is governed by three board members who serve a term of six years.