The Water Commission Team is in your community every day, working hard to make sure you receive safe and clean water.

Commitment to quality 

Nothing is more important to us than the quality of water we deliver to you.  We are proud of our track record of providing clean and safe water to communities and businesses throughout the Western Suburbs. We regularly test the water quality and work closely with the EPA to ensure the water reaching your faucets is the highest quality. Read our 2012 Annual Water Quality Report here.

Commitment to customer service

Our customers are our priority. Whether it is helping to repair a water main, monitoring the water quality or help you better manage your water consumption, we are here to help. Our day-to-day activities vary across a wide spectrum. On any day of the week you may see our four-person team working on the following project:

  • Managing a water main repair 
  • Testing the water to ensure quality
  • Reading meters through state-of-the art technology 
  • Issuing boil orders
  • Helping customers understand their water bills
  • Checking homes for water leaks